Program Paper-Slide-Show

A source code animation tool for C programs under Unix.


(GIF animation is available)

2001-06-18 Update
  1. In some Linux distributions, standard library files (e.g. libc) are compiled with -g option. GDB traces functions in such libraries, resulting lengthy animation of "source file not found" slides.
    Now functions without source files are skipped (actually they are finish'ed at the entry).

  2. The values of local variables and function arguments are displayed automatically in the value window.
Downloading source files (in .tgz format; 73kb): kami0.1.tgz .
2000-12-14 Downloading source files (in .tgz format; 72kb): kami0.0.tgz .
The `paper-slide-show' is a traditional form of Japanese children's entertainment in which the narrator tells a story and illustrates it by showing a sequence of painted pictures.

We designed and implemented a source code animation system based on the metaphor of paper-slide-show.

The target of our system is:

  1. Students learning programming
    For these students it is often hard to visualize the behavior of their programs. Our system offers an entry-level code animation suitable for such students.

  2. Walk-through tool for programmers
    It is common to trace (walk-through) a portion of the code which has just been created or modified in order to prevent bugs. Our system supports such walk-through.

  3. Support tool for understanding unknown software
    As the first step towards understanding some legacy software, the code animation helps a user to grasp its behavior.

Features of our system are: