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July 21, 2000

This document describes what gnut is, how to use it, and givesdetailed instructions for advanced users.

1. Administrivia

1.1 Where to Get
1.2 Requirements
1.3 Most Recent Version
1.4 Pre-compiled Binaries
1.5 Acknowledgements

2. Introduction

2.1 Gnutella
2.2 History
2.3 Gnut

3. Basic Usage

3.1 Building Gnut
3.2 Starting Gnut
3.3 Sharing
3.4 Searching

4. Advanced Usage

4.1 Invocation
4.2 Run-Time Commands
4.3 Configuration Variables
4.4 Configuration Files
4.5 Web Access

5. F.A.Q.

5.1 Will gnut run on Slackware 4.0?
5.2 Does ggnut work?
5.3 How do I change the port in gnut?
5.4 Does gnut has feature xxx?
5.4.3 What is a "Virtual Private Network" (VPN) address?
5.4.4 Why do some uploads/downloads appear as "SEND PUSH" or "RCV PUSH" in the info c display?
5.5 (Two related questions concerning virtual private network IP addresses)
5.6 Why does gnut launch 10 copies of itself, and why does it use so much memory?
5.7 Someone is downloading a file "nonsense.mp3" from me, but I have no such file on my computer. What's up?
5.8 I did a search, and I know I'm sharing files that match this search. Why didn't the search show the files I'm sharing?
5.9 How can I get the most results from my searches?
5.10 Why do connections get closed so often?
5.11 Why can't I get eval scripts to read gnut's output?
5.12 I cannot get gnut to connect to other hosts. I think it's because of my firewall or my dialin access configuration. How do I fix this?
5.13 A download failed after 47 bytes leaving a tiny text file containing an error message like 'server busy'. Please fix this!
5.14 If I already know the IP address and filename of a file I want to download, how dan I download that file without doing a "search"? Can I do this from a web browser?
5.15 My firewall administrator is telling me that there are random unauthorized outgoing (or incoming) connections to (or from) random IP addresses. Is this gnut's fault?

6. Advanced Topics

6.1 High Availability Connection Point
6.2 Scriptable Downloads
6.3 Network Topology
6.4 Network Efficiency -- Capacity, Bottlenecks, Responsiveness


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